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Hiive is the marketplace for private stock.

The trading platform for private, VC-backed companies and their shareholders.

Find your counter-party, negotiate directly, and make a deal.*

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Join the thousands of companies and shareholders generating liquidity on Hiive.


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Trade over 2,000 pre-IPO companies

Hiive is transparent, centralized, and easy.

Buying and selling secondaries the traditional way is a lot of work. Hiive gives you simple and direct access to one central meeting place for qualified participants.

Discover market pricing

View current and historical data on bids, listings, and private market transactions. Best of all, there is no charge to access Hiive’s massive repository of real-time price data.

Access the market directly

Connect directly* with a deep pool of verified buyers and sellers, and stay in control from start to finish.

Automate your transaction

Place a bid or list shares for sale. Standardize your fees and automate your agreements. So you can stop chasing brokers, and they can stop chasing you.

Get expert help

Execute the trade on your own, or access one of our Security Specialistsᵅ to better understand the process and the market for your stock.

Buy and sell private shares today

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How can Hiive work for you?

Investors & Funds

Take the friction out of secondary trading with real time quotes on the most liquid private stocks.

Access a central marketplace

Deal direct with your counterparty

Anonymity until you transact

Buyers do not pay fees*

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Selling shares has never been this easy. Match with a buyer, and agree on a deal in a few simple steps.

Instant price discovery

Fixed and competitive fees

Anonymity until you sell

Seamless transaction process

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Manage your stock’s market, without the cost and complexity of a tender offer process.

Approve all buyers and sellers

Enjoy a compliant venue for secondaries

Specify price and volume parameters

Consolidate your cap table using batched transfers and Hiive Funds

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Your window into the private market

From data analytics to unflinching commentary on the most contentious issues in VC secondaries, we aim to give you vision in an opaque market.


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Welcome to the global pre-IPO marketplace.

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The marketplace for private stock.




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*Securities are offered by Hiive Markets Limited, member of FINRA / SIPC and registered exempt market dealer in Ontario and British Columbia. Brokerage fees may apply. Find Hiive on BrokerCheck.

ⁱBased on Republic's list of tier-1 venture capital firms.

ᵅSecurity Specialists are registered representatives of Hiive Markets Limited and have no specialized expertise in the evaluation or recommendation of investments. Hiive does not provide investment advice and Hiive customers should obtain independent advice prior to buying or selling on Hiive.

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